Going to the Candidates’ Debate

Simon & Garfunkel

Ever since Barack Obama’s speech on race, I’ve taken to spewing the meme that he’s already won the Democratic nomination, it’s just that Hillary Clinton isn’t ready to admit it. Lo and behold, the Obama campaign is now largely ignoring Hillary to focus its attacks on the McCain candidacy (and by McCain candidacy, I mean the tragic legacy of the 2000 Republican primary).

So while I’m strutting around telling everybody this thing is in the bank with no factual basis for it, Senator B begins to imply the very same narrative with what I’ll generously call a ‘turn the other cheek’ strategy towards Senator C. I mean seriously, how else is a brother gonna shape a media paradigm in today’s wintry economic climate?

Is this evidence that I’m qualified to be a high-level political consultant? Count it. Is it evidence that this race really is over and Hillary’s living on borrowed time? Count that too, because I’m an opinion-monger and not a journalist so I can make that kind of brazen prognostication.

See, Barack defends Hillary against calls for her to drop out, and the next day Hillary insinuates that Barack wants to abort the primary voting. How does this prove Obama will win? Because the truth will set you free. Here, Mrs. Clinton, let me liberate you. You talk a big game about taking the fight to the convention in August, but my boy’s got way more money, is ahead by every metric, and is closing the gap in Pennsylvania. Don’t get caught in a Chinese finger trap. A gracious exit in May or June is a win for everyone compared to a knife fight in Denver.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves either. It’s still April, and you’ve got plenty of time to make some moves. Keep my advice in the vault, just in case, but until then? Here’s to you, Mrs. Rodham Clinton. Heaven holds a place for those who pray. Hey hey hey.


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