NBC Gives Me an Easy Thursday Post

30rock rocks

So for you ign’ant types out there, every year in May all of the major TV networks hold a presentation where they talk about their plans for the upcoming season, and these are called the ‘upfronts.’ This year, Ben “Fuck you Bill Lawrence!” Silverman, grand poobah of NBC, decided not only to announce six weeks early, but included plans as far into the future as Summer 2009. Sadly, MILF Island is not on the slate.

If you watch disturbing amounts of television, the full line-up is here. Thoughts on the now-confirmed Office spin-off after the jump…

So the first several episodes of The Office are gonna be hour-longs again next year, which kinda bums me out because I love the show but when they pulled the same stunt in Ought-Seven it felt like too much of a good thing. That being the case, you’d think I would be against the idea of a spin-off airing directly after the original, but I’m of two minds on it. Of course Greg Daniels could be spread too thin, the show might not be as funny, etc., but I think this could work in a Stewart / Colbert kind of way. An hour of The Office classic might dilute the awesome, but a half-hour followed by another half-hour that takes a fresh tack on the same brand of humor could see some wonder twin powers activate, yes?


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