‘Blogalogue,’ not to be confused with ‘Bangarang.’

Something has to be done about that layout-stealing bastard Andy Sellars (technically he had the design first but linear conceptions of time are for suckers anyway). We’ve settled on a blog duel, of which the terms are still somewhat hazy.

Just behind this hyperlink you will find the blogalogue held by Andrew “The Conservative Soul” Sullivan and Sam “The End of Faith” Harris from January to March of last year, in which they debate religion, faith, the existence of God, and various epistemological issues therein. It is looooong, but seriously worth checking out if you’re into the whole philosophy thing.

Now I’m not suggesting a retread of their debate, but the format is pretty much a blog duel. So Andy, I propose a series of combative correspondences, starting on the subject of your choice, to shamelessly crosspollinate our traffic settle this once and for all.

(Andy’s blog can be found here).


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