Scholars, Spies, and the Highly Advanced Culture of Eastern Europe

Today’s challenge in the Blogagauntlet: identify the fictional TV character who you would most want as a best friend and a clip to corroborate why. I have to admit that it took me a while to settle on anything. What was I looking for in this friendship? Somebody rich and powerful who could hook me up with awesome stuff? Somebody wise and knowing who could serve as a mentor? Or just somebody charming and affable whose company I enjoy? Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy wins on all three counts and is already the choice of our fair moderator, so that was right out.

After much soul-searching, I decided that my choice would be Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World, on the assumption that he and KITT from Knight Rider are actually the same character leading a double life. A curmudgeonly mentor figure / sass-talking spy car would obviously be the ideal fictional best friend. And he brings whole new meanings to a visit to the body shop:

So long as we all agree that the universe is a better place if Mr. Feeny was secretly a Hoff-befriending Transformer, I think that settles it. But in the event that my merging two fictional characters is too rule-bendy for all you squares with your scorecards, then I’m left with no choice but to hang out with Balky Bartakamous. A strange foreign cousin, you say? I don’t see how that conveys benefits of any kind, you say? True. But he was Ric Rolling way ahead of his time:

Sorry Ric Astley, you just got Balkanized.


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