Round 3

Objectively speaking, my Round 3 entry in the blogagauntlet (Gangsters and Vampires, below) was thrown together late, and is too long and unfocused in comparison to Andy’s “They Might Be… the most influential band of my time.” Also have to give Andy props for his excellent choice in sports blooper.

That said, Hans Moleman’s Man Getting Hit By Football is always, always worth linking to — even if it’s a live-action rendition — and thus totally redeems the slapdash nature of my entry. I’m relatively certain that science could somehow prove this to be true. Regardless, the decision and the contents of the next round are now both in the hands of R.Kelly.

In the meanwhile, check out editing wunderkind Paul Proulx’s sequence of Tarantino clips:

More badassery such as this can be found on his YouTube page here. Enjoy.


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