Links, and Embeds, to the Past

Hands down the most engrossing video game experience I had growing up was playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64. The epic sweep of the story, a map that at the time seemed vastly open-ended, and gameplay that was just more fun than the other games.

But before I hand Link the crown of best video game character ever, I have to weigh the option of Samus Aran. Metroid was, like the original Legend of Zelda, groundbreakingly open-ended. Metroid, however, was darker, grittier, and Samus Aran is a hot chick bounty hunter who wears bikinis and leotards underneath a badass supersuit made from alien technology.

Now since my posts have gotten so tardy in these past few days, I have the benefit of knowing that Andy made the excellent choice of the Grand Theft Auto avatar. I was already weighing my two aforementioned options when I learned this fact, and even though Andy’s pick is admirable, he has handed me a trump card: the GTA Sandbox is merely a descendant of the secret-riddled maps of Hyrule and Zebes and the nonlinear gameplay that they opened up.

Between the two, my inner child says Link but my sense of badass aesthetics and various other parts of my anatomy say Samus, so Samus it is. Which is really too bad because had I chosen Link it would’ve provided a great transition to this clip of the Super Mario Bros. theme being played on an ocarina:

This, however, is far from the best Mario Bros rendition in the archives of YouTube, and while I am partial to this one for the MacGuyver-like use of a ruler:

I have to go with this guy who performs the classic MIDI by fluting and beatboxing at the same time, Rahzel-style:

And on that grace note, the fate of the blogagauntlet is in Ryan’s hands.


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