Level Up

Last time I reviewed the state of the Democratic primary race I declared that the contest was over, it was just a matter of waiting for Hillary to admit it. With her 9.2% win in PA last night, she prevented her bubble from bursting, but didn’t do a whole lot to really shift the momentum of the campaign.

Obama’s got his eye on the long-term prize which by all accounts he’s still set to take. But there’s a problem. Every opportunity he’s had to put the nail in Hillary’s coffin he’s managed to narrow her lead down to single digits without ever throwing the knockout punch. Maybe he can coast to the nomination on this track record, but he probably shouldn’t be complacent about it.

His next opportunity to seal this up will be in two weeks, when Indiana and North Carolina vote. He’s set to win NC, currently leading there by 15 points; in Indiana he’s down, but only by 2.5 (numbers courtesy of realclearpolitics.com). If he can take Indiana, that’ll disprove Hillary’s argument that he can’t beat her in Midwestern swing states, which I think he needs to do at least once. Basically, he may be right about his place in the long-term, but he’s gonna have to prove it in the short-term to keep that future bright.

So come on Barack, step your game up. You have two weeks.


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