Three Blind Mice

So Josh Marshall over at TPM (if you like your news to be informative and not stupid, you should probably click that link) provides a breakdown of all the things the Clintons need to make happen to win the nomination, which further tracks the subject of my previous post here. As an Obamaphile I find Josh’s list reassuring; it reminds that winning Indiana (and making NC close) is more do-or-die for Clinton than it is for Barack. Which is no excuse for Obama to slack off– the longer it goes on, the more the campaign becomes about spin warfare and back-room dealmaking, both of which are Hillary’s strong suit.

VERDICT: The Clinton Campaign is fueled from the bottom by lots of sincere voters who are on shaky economic ground and remember the 90s fondly, and/or are distrustful of Obama. Unfortunately, at the top it is a hive of scum and villainy that, out of a sense of entitlement, will stop at nothing to prevent the Democratic party from adopting Obama’s innovative, generation-defining political movement. The once-likeable stewards of the 90s have turned into a grotesque parody of a Republican smear campaign. I can understand why somebody would be a Clinton supporter, but that doesn’t make it right.

Meanwhile, John ‘Loves the Smell of Napalm in the Morning’ McCain recently decided to act like not-a-douchebag when the North Carolina GOP ran a Swiftboaty ad against Obama, only to turn right around and act like a total douchebag a couple days later, giving “The Terrorists Want Obama to Win” meme the old college try. Matt Yglesias points out that this makes JohnnyCakes not only kind of a dick, but utterly stupid about foreign policy (except we already knew that).

VERDICT: I used to like this guy a lot, but he really is a sell-out now and his party’s political machine is responsible for completely fucking this country over for the past 8 years. Seriously, his biggest problem with Bush foreign policy was that he thought it didn’t have enough war in it. If you are actually considering voting for this person you need to go get your ignorant, ignorant head examined.

Look at that smug little bastard. Maybe he knows that I have nowhere else to turn for a refreshing dose of integrity and sanity in today’s wintry political climate. The latest news out of Team Obama is that they’re launching a 50-state voter registration drive in May, which is being called the start of his general election strategy. Again he’s furthering the narrative that the primary is over except formalities, but even if Clinton’s still around after IN/NC, this ‘Vote for Change’ drive is a mass mobilization of Obama’s grassroots, nation-wide, volunteer army: he’s flexing his muscles at Dem leaders and superdelegates, demonstrating his greater ability to increase turnout, bring in new voters, and provide organizational support in down-ballot races all over the country.

VERDICT: The Obama campaign is fueled from the bottom by a genuine grassroots movement seeking governmental reform, improved civic discourse, and a president who might incorporate Immortal Technique lyrics into a State of the Union address. From the top, it has been managed intelligently, insightfully, and consistently. Obama’s strategy of building activist networks in all 50 states is an attempt to defy the culturally-stereotyped electoral maps of 2000 and 2004, get more Democrats elected in red states, and turn more states into swing states. Where Clinton and McCain employ the electoral paradigm of the Bush era to make their arguments, Obama is actively working to render that paradigm obsolete for the 21st century. Plus, he counts cheddar like a food inspector.

In conclusion, vOte-bama.


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