The Big Think

Welcome to the new layout. A day earlier than projected, but I do what I want.  For example, I added ‘philosophy’ as a category a few weeks ago and haven’t written a single post under that heading. No longer:

In my facebook profile under religion it says “We are a dream the universe is having,” which is, among other things, an allusion to the conversation Alice has with Tweedledum and Tweedledee over the slumbering Red King in Through the Looking Glass.  But thanks to 21st century science, I now have a visual aide to demonstrate that the universe actually is structurally reflective of the neural networks in the brain.

Big Wow

If you want to read that fine print check it here. If you want to incorporate this as evidence for Nietzschean eternal recurrence or come up with clever uses of the phrase ‘the mind of God,’ I, uh… Hey look, some guys setting fire to a Tickle-Me-Elmo!

Nananananananana leader!


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