BIFF Review: We Are Wizards

Over the weekend I attended a couple screenings of the Boston Independent Film Festival, and am probably gonna check out a couple more tonight before the fest closes tomorrow. Reviews of what I saw:

We Are Wizards: On the assumption that it wouldn’t amount to much more than confectionary fluff, I was pretty unenthusiastic about this doc on the Harry Potter fan community walking in. But it turned out to be hilarious without condescending to its subjects. The biggest reason to see this film is Brad Neely, who created Wizard People, Dear Reader, an alternate soundtrack to the first Harry Potter movie that you can play ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ style and laugh your ass off. Free download is available at the link above. This guy also produces animated shorts for SuperDeluxe, including the The Professor Brothers series, which you should probably be watching already. Recommended for anybody who likes Home Movies or Tim & Eric.

The doc also has a lot of coverage of the Wizard Rock community, which I mention largely to shout-out to my friend and yours, Toby Karlin, a magnificent human being and erstwhile drummer for The Remus Lupins.


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