April Top Posts

Yesterday marked the start of this blog’s second month, as well as the first day with 100+ visitors. Apparently a couple of posts have been coming up in wordpress search results or something and bringing in random spikes of traffic. So that means that people I don’t know have actually seen this blog, which is cool. Let’s hope some of them come back on the regular, but either way, here are the top three posts for April:

1. Three Blind Mice. A ‘state of the race’ review of each presidential campaign. This was posted nearly a week ago but has been the source of almost all of the traffic the past couple of days, largely predicated on searches for John McCain, whom I do nothing but trash talk in the post. The system works!

2. Can’t You See That Man is a Nig? A pop-culture riff on the candidates and then actual reasons to support Barack “Excuse Me While I Whip This Out” Obama.

3. The Sixth Sense Peruse more proof of my powers of political prognostication.

It’s worth noting that all three of these posts are politics-oriented. And wouldn’t you know it, the next round of primaries is on Tuesday. More election riffs, and maybe some less campaign-centric analysis as well, coming soon.


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