Betting Woman

One of the blog’s new visitors must be Hillary Clinton, because she’s countering my claim that Indiana is the fulcrum for media narratives moving forward and putting her eye on North Carolina as the game changer.

As you can see in the link above, the rationale here is that Clinton has a lead in IN and has tightened the gap in NC, so if she can play the results Tuesday as a wash in both states, she can claim to have matched Obama on his turf in the South as well as maintaining her streak in the industrial Midwest.

Some dude named Leubsdorf thinks Barack’s playing like a quarterback running the clock down in the fourth quarter, and that this is risky, with which I agree. Clinton is obviously feeling pretty good about her chances going forward and Obama seems content to let her shape the narrative and build some momentum for now.  I can’t hold it against him; he’s obviously had a very exhausting month, last week in particular, and his refusal to overreact or lash out has been a core strength throughout, so if he needs a little while to nurse wounds that’s deeply understandable on a human level.  And as always, he’s laid an almost unsurmountable foundation and still has cards up his sleeve, so there’s no need to go all Bill Paxton in Aliens just yet.

Meanwhile, back in the White House, Dick “Blofeld is My Role Model” Cheney is now apparently so bored with the lame duck period that he’s set his sights on killing the whales.


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