Election Night Wrap-up

So Indiana is pretty clearly a draw, whether late releases from Lake County give Obama some kind of nominal ‘50%+1’ victory or not. Either way, Obama walks away with all the momentum and is now only about 40 delegates shy of securing the majority of the pledged delegates, a marker which his campaign expects to pass by the 20th.

The thinking is that if he secures that number, he can present the superdelegates with the argument that the Democratic party has spoken and chosen him, and peel off enough of the supers to secure the 2,025 delegates that will end the race.

Furthermore, Carl Bernstein is on CNN right now talking about all the Clinton insiders who’ve told him that she may shut down the presidential ambitions and aim for / demand the VP slot, fulfilling my prediction from Monday.

Speaking of my ability to predict the future, the Celtics took it to the wire but won 76-72 tonight.  Now if Ryan Seacrest replaces Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room, I’ll be 3 for 3.


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