Overt Operations

Yes, that is a paper mache penis helicopter disrupting a Russian meeting, apparently being held by Gary Kasparov. Wait, what?

Kasparov, former Chess grandmaster, is a pro-democracy reformist and a very outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, who just relinquished the Presidency to his successor/crony Dmitri Medvedev, who immediately appointed Putin to the office of Prime Minister,  whose role in government was recently and totally coincidentally expanded.  Essay Question:  Would you prefer a totalitarian brand of  socialism or a corrupt despot managing a puppet democracy with some free markets? Give three supporting arguments.

So the phalluscopter (rejected name, for obvious reasons: The Cock Chopper)… is it some kind of old KGB hazing ritual, a form of psychological warfare like if Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute worked in Minsk? As spies? Perhaps some engineering wunderkind / Putin loyalist got smashed on potato vodka and decided that the Russian political atmosphere just didn’t have enough incredible flying dicks.

Whatever the case, Kasparov is probably thankful that something as harmless as this was the weirdest thing he encountered this week in his campaign for reform, as opposed to say, radiation poisoning.  That Vladimir is such a rascal.


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