Mr. Smithee Goes to Washington

At a rest stop on the Ohio turnpike on route to Chi-city. Everybody says that Pennsylvania is a big void between Philly and Pittsburgh but I found it to be pretty scenic. Specifically and especially in comparison to Ohio so far. Indiana, you’re on notice: step your game up.

Anyway, had a great time in DC last night. Got in at 8 and dropped my stuff at Natasha’s apt, then she Julie and I met up with Andy Sellars, my blogagauntlet foe and all-around mensch, now having his brain reconstructed into a litigation machine at GW.

We ate at Smokey’s pub, photos below (Julie’s looking a l’il blurry but hey), and then the girls indulged my tourist tendencies– AKA we cruised downtown in Natasha’s absolutely badass boat of a car: a busted up Caddy Crown Royal with a fucking 8TRACK player straight out of 1973.

Sadly I only thought to take pictures of the touristy stuff and not the retro sweetness of the ride. Remember kids: Abe Lincoln is a national hero, but if you want a ‘Best of Contemporary Music’ 8-track you have to look a lot harder than fishing the change out of your pocket.


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