Lost in the Maize

If the midwest is America’s bread basket, that bread is cornbread, and as Chris Rock once said, “Cornbread: Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.”

But damn, there is a lot of it. And that’s been true since Ohio. Take a look at the photos below, each are from a different state. There’s something soothing and pastoral about it but I’m pretty psyched to be getting a little more variety now that I’m in Colorado..

Some quick dispatches from the heartland:

1. I have seen the front half and the back half of a deer splayed out roadkill-style on the shoulder of the highway. Not halves of the same deer, mind you, but two separate deer, 200 miles apart. These incidents were gross, but I would still like to try venison. One question though: who only cleans up half of an exploded deer?

2. Crotch rockets. I’ve seen Harleys and those wide bikes with all the storage space plenty, but for some reason between Illinois and Kansas I’ve nearly killed (or simply had the urge to kill) at least four dudes blasting down the highway on Yamahas or whatever at 100mph or higher. If I were Chuck Yeager I would kick all their asses just on principle.

3. Of all the farm-heavy vistas Kansas’ was actually the most varied, with wind, sunflower, and cattle farms in much greater supply than the standard fields of wheat, corn, and greens elsewhere. Also prairies are cool. Ohio was by far the most uninspiring state to look at. Sorry buckeyes.

Tomorrow: purple mountains majesty and a visit to the Democratic National Circus.


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