Little Mountain Towns

After two 8hr driving days and an 11hr day tomorrow, I took today to explore the Rocky mountain area and just generally chill out.

To that end I drove out to Idaho Springs, 30 miles west of Denver, and spent an hour in a private mineral bath, then visited Red Rocks on my way back towards the city. Also stopped at the Coors brewery but they’re closed to tours on Tuesdays so I went to the rundown liquor store across the street and picked up what was accurately billed as the freshest Coors I’ve ever had, which I drank while I cleaned the week’s detritus from my car.

By this point it was late afternoon, and I drove through Denver before returning to my hotel in Colorado Springs, but didn’t bother to stop– the place was a total zoo, surprising no one, with a big part of downtown blocked off to traffic and an enormous number of meters bagged with ‘no parking’ signs. Cute sidenote: the secret service drives enormous SUVs with a big decal on the side making sure you know they’re HYBRID suvs.

Anyway, what’s a road trip without a night spent in a motel 6 eating cheap Chinese and drinking beer in your boxers? Piss poor is what. Watched DNC coverage, thought Hillary Clinton did a solid job, and now it’s a good night’s rest before I venture into the desert in the morning.

I could easily load twice as many pics but discretion is the better part of valor so I’ll exhibit some. The iPhone camera is very wideangle anyway, so landscape shots suffer a lot and don’t look nearly as amazing as they do in reality. Colorado has definitely been the biggest victim of this feature, though city skylines and some parts of Pennsylvania have a right to complain too. These should still look pretty though:


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