Big Sky Country

Last year I spent a week in the deserts of west Texas and that was when I first fell in love with arid climes. Today I was on the road for eleven hours and was definitely feeling burnt out on all of this driving, but as I spent an hour and a half chasing the sunset through the Arizona desert I felt greatly rejuvenated and made my way to the small town of Williams on Route 66 in a much better mood than I was in this afternoon.

After getting settled I walked down the main strip here and got a huge dinner of Mexican at a local saloon (yeah they call them saloons). Missed the DNC speeches while behind the wheel, but read them online and watched excerpts on TV once I was in. Definitely the strongest night so far, John Kerry was shockingly awesome at articulating the ways John McCain has sold out his integrity in order to become the nominee of such a corrupt party.

Anyway the highlight of today was definitely the sky over the desert. If you haven’t seen a rainstorm from a hundred miles away, where you can see the clouds streaking down towards the ground with shafts of sunlight haloing it on either side… Well, get on that.


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