Vote Better: Wool from Your Eyes

Yes, the swell in McCain support is already beginning to ebb as it becomes more and more obvious that Barack Obama is an insightful public servant for the 21st century and John McCain is a grumpy and increasingly confused relic of the 20th century. The Boy from Illinois is back up in the polling these past few days:

See that first bump where the red beats the blue? That was the zombie of Hillary Clinton refusing to stay dead, weakening the Democratic line.  See that one tiny little section there on the far right where the red beats the blue for like a minute? That’s a “Sarah Palin is pretty!” bump.  Unfortunately for John McCain, these powerful, hard-fighting women are not two, or even one, of Barack Obama’s 99 problems, because you’ll notice that the rest of the graph represents the underlying dynamics of the race, the fundamentals of our democracy. And friends, the fundamentals of our democracy are strong.

Remember two days ago when I said McCain had forfeited the race on substance, his bounce was going to fade, and Obama was gonna clean up?  Behold phase one.  Here‘s former McCain cheerleader Joe Klein writing a far more professional version of my post from Tuesday and publishing it in Time magazine. Here‘s Slate’s John Dickerson wondering at Obama’s Zen-like approach to campaigning.  Meanwhile, the debates are looming on the horizon, with the first taking place at the end of next week.  Any guesses as to who will be the Nixon and who will be the Kennedy?


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