Vote Better: Live Long and Prosper?

Ready to Lead

John McCain: Experience, Judgment, Wisdom.

Only have time for a quickie today (that’s what she said). Two items:

1) Matt Yglesias analyses a chart showing that among economists, Barack Obama has a 2-to-1 edge as the trusted candidate on foreign policy.  This is not true in public opinion polling, because too many people are ign’ant and don’t realize John McCain is not actually strong on, well, ANY issues.  Foreign affairs is really the only policy sphere where you can see ol’ Johnny Mac get hot and bothered anymore, because he sure loves feelin’ righteous and nothing makes decision-making easier than having war and enemies.  Exactly what this country needs right now. In this week’s upcoming installments we will be deconstructing the myth of McCain’s independence and basic competence to reveal the real McCain underneath, a cantankerous zombie being controlled by voodoo priests such as Bill Kristol.

2) Hat tip (or is that a scali cap?) to Andy ‘on the Road’ Sellars for drawing our attention to Barack Obama’s continued ability to be a pop culture renaissance man. Turns out the basketball-playing, Jay-Z-referencing, The-Wire-and-Mad-Men-watching candidate can also bust out the Vulcan ‘live long and prosper’ hand gesture to no less than Leonard Nimoy.  Read more about Obama’s monopoly on pop-cultural literacy here.


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