“Sir, Please Put Down the Effigy”

Well that didn’t take very long:

Today John McCain stood up for human decency — or at least sat upright in his chair — and encouraged the crowd at a Minnesota campaign stop to chill the fuck out:

The full text of his remarks can be found here.  After the video bit he apparently told the next questioner that nobody should be scared of an Obama presidency. The fact that he gets points for saying something like this just shows how low he has sunk, and he was booed by his own audience for being even that reasonable, but I for one feel much better knowing that McCain will at least pay lip service to civility as he proceeds to fill the political air with toxic distortions and distractions.  And I’m not even being sarcastic… much.

On a pragmatic level McCain HAS to man up about this because the media story coming out of his latest sleazy tactics isn’t “Obama’s a Terrorist!” like he wanted, and go something more like “McCain-Palin Rallies Resemble Lynch Mobs,” which doesn’t play well with independents or those with a functioning moral compass.  You have to give the media (minus FOX News and conservative blogs and mags) some credit here for refusing to take the Ayers bait and focusing instead on the ugliness that such attacks produce.

Also, in terms of the Concession Speech Watch, I’m downgrading McCain’s prospects from “Candidate Passive-Aggressively Incites Mob Violence” to “Candidate Wears Awkward Grimace as Crowd Repeatedly Boos His Attempts to be Gracious and/or Chants Racist Slurs”

UPDATE: More McCain Behaving Decently video and quotes at TPM.


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