No, YOU Are!

About this “Politicizing the Justice Department” dealie that the Republicans have going: today the Obama campaign got in on the act and sent a very forcefully-worded letter to the Attorney General crying both “Bullshit!” and “Shenanigans!” on this whole ACORN fiasco.  The words, they were so very forceful, they even said that the prosecutor investigating the ’06 U.S. Attorney Scandal should look into this matter too, because it’s basically the same exact thing.

In my liberal fever dreams, the Obama Justice Department  turns around and investigates all of this stuff and Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales end up going to jail.  It’ll be the great White Collar Crime round-up of 09!  But then again, I’m obviously not from the Pro-America part of America, so I would think something like that.  It’ll never happen because too many rich white guys will go into hysterics over this horrible form of racial profiling, but vindictive fantasies aside I say good on the Obamites for coming down firmly on this issue when it’s still possible to nip it in the bud.


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