With Great Satire Comes Great Career Opportunity

The season premiere of Tina Fey’s 30 Rock funny show with jokes is available for watchin’ at Hulu right this very second. Go watch it!

The episode doesn’t air for another week, but NBC scrambled to make this episode available a little sooner because apparently they forgot to cash their winning lottery ticket. See, after John McCain sold his dreams down the river to be Sarah Palin’s sugar daddy, Tina Fey’s buzz/profile/Q-rating went through the roof. Look at how many more Google searches she got after the Republican National Convention.

But if Fey’s show didn’t premiere until October 30th, it couldn’t capitalize off it’s star and creator’s swell in popularity. Thus, TV show premieres on the internet!

Frankly the concern is unnecessary, because I’m beginning to think our Vice Maverick isn’t going anywhere. Tina’s gonna have plenty of chances to reprise her infamous imitation when a defeated Governor Palin has Dr. Phil poisoned so she can take over his show and become a Fox News / talk-radio / TV talk host who never ever goes away or leaves us alone forever. Marc Ambinder speculates further.

Of course, if you have any sense you stopped reading this two paragraphs ago and watched the show.


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