Please sir, may I have another?

"Please sir, may I have another?"

The other day I suggested that Joe Biden’s “gaffe” about Obama facing a generated international crisis early in his presidency was actually quite astute and possessed of foresight.  Today, the Pentagon seconds that emotion, urging both candidates to consider the need for a speedy and efficient transition to minimize the moment of weakness that an administration changeover always represents.

Now I will say I find it odd that the article cites the Bay of Pigs and the Gulf of Tonkin as examples of crises that were sprung on newly-inaugurated presidents when both of those incidents were Made in the U.S.A. so to speak.  Leaving this aside, I don’t think anybody reading this blog will be surprised to learn that Barack Obama is totally on the ball with his transition team planning, whereas John McCain doesn’t want to do anything that might ruin his current streak of good luck, so he’s not gonna worry about it yet.

Of course one reason McCain might not think he needs to worry as much about his transition is because as the Republican candidate, thousands and thousands of Bush political appointees could simply retain their jobs under McCain, whereas Obama would replace those people for, you know, being so damn terrible at their work.

But man, trying to point out the endless reasons Barack Obama should be (and pretty much is) the next President can be very tiring.  And frankly, it’s not even half as exhausting as explaining the complete and utter destructiveness of the current Republican establishment to anybody who isn’t willing to give it up already at this point. So GO VOTE! Only one more week of electioneering left…


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