Handbags and Gladrags

So I was watching TPM’s helpful “Day in 100 Seconds” feature they’ve been doing since the beginning of last week and was struck by the moment at :35-:40 where John McCain obviously wants to kick Sarah Palin in the ovaries but says exactly the opposite of that with his mouthwords. Here, check it out:

Now McCain’s cringe-worthy awkward hilarity has been one of the most painfully entertaining parts of this whole election cycle and almost makes you feel bad for the guy despite his awful managerial choices and off-the-handle personal behavior.   Does this remind you of anybody else? It reminds me of David Brent, of The Office (UK) fame.  This means, of course, that John McCain’s campaign can be summed up entirely in this two minute clip:

And the next week of his life can be summed up in this clip right here:

And finally, Post-Election McCain, heartbreakingly repentant version:

But while those uptight Brits might have a soft spot for McCain, the U.S. version of The Office is clearly in the tank for Obama:


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