Red State Blues

Well, only a week left until Democrat Christmas Election Day.  With Obama rolling naked in piles of money and assaulting McCain’s 15-yard line late in the fourth, the DNC is free to focus on Senate and House races, taking aim at a filibuster-proof majority in Congress. The GOP, by contrast, is looking at losses in both houses of congress, an increasingly likely loss of the White House (no jinx no jinx no jinx), a mass exodus of all sane and intelligent conservatives over Sarah Palin, and an upcoming generation of young cultural mutants with the superpower of seeing through the GOP’s obvious bullshit. Internal divisions, piss-poor approval ratings, zero credibility with the generation currently reaching adulthood and settling in as the dominant demographic slice of American Pie… how does the Republican Party as an institution respond?

Well, mostly by refusing to acknowledge this trajectory and clinging desperately to a strategic playbook that was written in the ’50s and ’60s after the Democrats started putting civil rights planks in their party platforms and all the racists stormed out over this terrible threat to traditional family values.  Voila, the modern GOP was born.

You know, the Grand Old Party was once the party of wild-eyed radical youth, getting all fired up about abolishing slavery. Also polygamy, which was all the rage in certain U.S. territories that shall remain nameless. No seriously, check out the 1856 Republican Platform.  Today their primary political tactic is fucking over as many black people as possible, and their safest electoral votes belong to some place called Utah.  Textbook definition of selling out? You decide!  All I know is the party that freed the slaves is about to be politically buried by America’s First Black President.

Now THAT’S the circle of life.


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