All the Best States Love Weed



While we wait patiently for tomorrow, let’s talk Props.  As in Proposition 8 in California and Proposition 2 in Massachusetts.

Prop 8 would ban gay marriage in California, nullifying the thousands of weddings that have taken place since those darned gays started undermining family values by, uh, valuing families. This is probably the most attention-getting Prop in all of America this cycle, but there are several other culture war propositions about the homosexuality and the abortions. You can read about more of them at Gawker, which is proving a great resource today.

But those culture war issues are way past their expiration date this cycle, so let’s take a look at a less high-profile policy area where sticking it to the man has an entirely different meaning:  Massachusetts’ Prop 2, which would decriminalize marijuana possession in amounts under one ounce (or ‘zip,’ if you speak dope fiend).  Having recently moved to Cali where weed is like one wink and an elbow nudge away from being just plain legal, it’s kind of cool to see that two of my favorite states in the union are learning the future from each other. Mass got the whole gay marriage ball rolling and California is just too full of hippies to NOT be relaxed about pot.

So while you’re busy tallying electoral college votes and nodding approvingly at the results of Congressional  races you don’t really know or care about, keep a hopeful eye out for news about Mass Prop 2 passing and/or California Prop 8 going down in a flaming wreck. Assuming everything goes well, let’s all meet back here in ten years and celebrate the success of this bicoastal alliance of crazy gay-lovin’ pot-smokin’ liberals.

(For more information about why pot should be legal, check out this post from a few weeks back).


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