The Eye of the Storm

Well after two solid house parties with live music and a MOONBOUNCE, the Halloween weekend ended with possibly the greatest night of all:  watching four dudes who had just spent all weekend getting drunk attempting to eat the world’s largest pizza for $1000 in a wild-eyed bid to earn cash for their band. No, really.  Suffice to say, it did not end well for our intrepid heroes, but worked out great for their intrepid videographer, i.e. me, who will be posting footage of this mass lunacy on the MySpace page of the band in question as soon as it’s cut.

But now it is Monday, and apparently back here in the real world of grown-up peoples, there’s some sort of election going on? Have you guys heard about this? Whatever, we’re running out of time, let’s get started!

*Hey, everybody’s favorite conservative gay Catholic, Andrew Sullivan, writes a great article about why Obama makes him feel all tingly.  I was recently fascinated to discover that one of the top searches leading people to this blog is “anti obama.”  It’s actually kind of cool, because that means there is a miniscule possibility that of my enormous nation-wide readership (dozens, people, DOZENS of hits a day), one or more random visitors may have actually discovered some facts and become less ignorant.  So for anybody reading this who is actually looking for reasons to be anti-Obama, how about you read that article instead and learn yourself some knowledge?  Good boy.

*Gawker takes an insightful look at the state of the institutionalized press as the election which currently gives meaning to their profession draws to a close. Funny and sad and true, just like life!

*Pollster’s electoral map for making feverish predictions about the final tally.  My personal target is Obama 359, which means that of the toss-ups listed at Pollster, he takes NC, MO, and FL, but loses IN, GA, MT and ND.  He will not get less than 325, and if he was REALLY good this year Santa will give Barack all the toss-ups PLUS Arizona just because, putting him above 400 electoral votes and utterly blowing even his already mighty expectations out of the water. This will never ever happen.

*I just want to state for the record that John McCain lost this election the day he picked Sarah Palin for vice, the same way that Hillary Clinton lost the primary when she didn’t win it for keeps on February 5th. In both instances, they both lost because it was the day that proved just how much smarter Barack Obama was than either of them.

*Now that we’re in the last 48 hours of the campaign, we have reached the point where there is the highest demand for new information to read or watch from everybody aching for a fix of results, but there is by far the lowest supply of worthwhile material  as everybody is basically just waiting for polls to close.  Bonus essay question:  Compare and contrast the last days of the Most Important Election Ever with crack addiction.  Use at least two pieces of supporting evidence.



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