Steady As She Goes

Turnout is high, confusion at the polls seems low, waits are long but so, it appears, is voter patience.  My new favorite thing about the West Coast is getting east coast primetime in the late afternoon, and we are within a few hours of the first polls closing.


Obviously every article you’ve read so far about tonight has informed you to keep your on VA and PA. If Obama wins both, McCain is pretty much toast.  If Obama wins Florida? McCain is toast.  I expect Obama wins in PA and VA, not sure about FL, but do have my perhaps overly ambitious eyes on NC and GA. If either of those states swing Obama, get your hopes up for an EPIC WIN.

Also of note: Indiana is divided between two time zones for some stupid reason; the last polls close an hour after the bulk of the state closes, and the area where the voting runs late A) is close to Illinois/Chicago, and B) contains a sizeable African-American population.  There’s a chance that if Indiana is close when the first round of polls close, it could end up in the blue column after another hour or two. Perhaps you recall the Indiana primary, where the final results were delayed for several hours in a really fishy manner by elections officials in this part of the state who pretty blatantly wanted to drop a big pile of Obama votes into the final tally in a really dramatic fashion.  Here’s Wolf “Bulltits” Blitzer with the story:

Now I’m going to go scour the internet for stories about random voters while listening to some of these choice tracks and getting misty-eyed about today’s mass demonstration of Bureaucracy with Purpose.


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