Sweet Sweet Release

Well there is a lot of news coming in about Our New America today, and a lot of very interesting news at that, but in the afterglow of, you know, the big thing that happened, I think the more appropriate thing to do today rather than blog about news is to lie in bed nude smoking cigarettes.

Granted, I am at work and not doing that either, so blogging it is.

*George Washington sparks a blunt in heaven for Michigan and Massachusetts.

*What happened, California? You used to be cool!  Actually I’ll tell you what happened, because it’s pretty fucking ironic:  Black people are, shall we say, not at their most progressive when it comes to the homosex.  You may have heard that a lot of black people turned out to vote this year because of a certain Civil Rights Milestone.  Prop 8 passed by a slim margin.  I think you can see where this is going

*Jumping back to Badassachusetts, they also overcame the temptation of abolishing the income tax, and beat their version of Prop 8 like way back in the Dark Ages of Before Yesterday, firmly establishing that California is now playing catch-up in the race for coolest state.

*You know, seeing Sarah Palin’s hurt and confused face on the verge of tears last night, I was struck by how much she really believed that God was going to make her (Vice) President and that winning was her Destiny.  That is all I really have to say about that.

*Shiny Future America’s enemies have immediately start poking America with a stick to see what will happen: there is violence in Gaza today, and the Russians are moving missiles towards Europe to really stress how not cool they think it is that we’re building a missile defense shield in Poland. On the plus side, the Taliban wants to make friends and generally speaking everybody wants to buy the world a Coke.  As Eddie Izzard said in some far corner of the CNN Holodeck last night, the third millenium starts today.


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