The internet was broken at the office yesterday so I didn’t post anything, and today there has been webness but I’m doing, you know, all that stuff that they pay me for.  SO basically I’m taking a post-election blogging hiatus through the weekend and will jump back into the fray on Monday.  Random thoughts:

*Rahm Emmanuel is a good pick for Chief of Staff.  Displays comfort with hardball politics, shores up Barry O’s Jewish support, and Rahm Emmanuel’s brother is the basis of Ari from Entourage, so we can all just imagine the Obama White House as a decadent Beverly Hills McMansion wherein wacky hijinx regularly ensue.  Also, I support the creation of a Barack Obama-themed cereal called “Barry O’s.”  With the economy in the toilet we need new sources of government revenue. It’s a no-brainer.

*Ed Norton financed a documentary about Obama that started shooting in 2006.  Now that Obama is the President-elect, Ed Norton is going to make a BAJILLION dollars and the documentarians will have all sorts of options for upcoming projects. The picture has been optioned by HBO for seven figures, and the filmmakers retain theatrical distribution rights, AKA this is an unprecedented sweet deal for a doc like this. Why am I going on about it? Because I got the phone number of the documentary’s director, Alicia Sams, in May of 2007 at a rooftop party in Brooklyn, and spoke with her several times about doing possible freelance camera work for her in New Hampshire, before the car accident that sent me packing from both the campaign and this goldmine documentary prospect.  The result: no tangential associations with high-profile, high-profit filmmaking for this guy this year. And to think, I coulda been a contender!

Oh well, guess I’ll have to earn my fame and fortune on some other once-in-a-lifetime historically ground-breaking cultural phenomenon. Now everybody go out and celebrate this weekend, it’s the Future!


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