On the Other Hand, Not the Apocalypse

While I kill time waiting for this Final Cut project to render, here are two articles that got posted on digg the other day:

This is some real Twilight Zone shit, people. Seriously.

"This is some real Twilight Zone shit, people. Seriously."

One says the world is DOOOOOOOOMED. Doomed, I say, because since the 1980’s humanity’s exploitation of natural resources has been exceeding the earth’s capacity to regenerate them.

The other says it would only take $30 billion a year, less than 5% of The Bailout, to solve world hunger.

I think that puts into pretty stark relief just how appallingly excessive Western consumption has become.  The global distribution of wealth, and thus affluence, and thus consumerist decadence, is SO lopsided that we are currently spending trillions of dollars to prevent the collapse of a socioeconomic system that will literally kill the planet within our lifetime, while the first cost-effective steps towards retrofitting that system for long-term sustainability are being ignored.

This should remind everybody that Obama and our impending future where we pal around with redistributionism are just the beginning of the systemic global reforms we’ll need to see if we want to continue, you know, living.  Better get around to buying those energy-efficient light bulbs, you dirty slacker.


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