Clockin’ In

Yesterday being Armistice Day, I did not post aynthing, to show my shared sacrifice with our veterans. Like when George Bush gave up golfing after sending thousands of young men to war under false pretenses. Just like that.

Sooooo I’ve still taken today to do my job instead of blog, which means all we have time for is a quick plug for Ryan Kelley’s “pet project,” Puppy Elect.  All things considered, speculating about the First Dog is a more entertaining and probably more productive pursuit than guessing at cabinet appointments, so go forth and browse.

And while you do, ponder this with your mindgrapes: what should the dog be named? I suggested Undersecretary Smiles in a post last week, but it’s a bit of a mouthful.  Seeing as the little pup will probably have to be housetrained, maybe the Obama family would consider Turd Blossom?


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