Barack and the Superfriends

From January:

So everybody’s all in a tizzy now that Barack has to build a staff of thousands and has decided to start by hiring the people who have run the economy and the government before.  Insufficient change, say handwringing lib’ruls!  So many former Clintonites, they cry with anxiety!

Now, in the Future-President’s defense, he needs to build an entire fucking government in a matter of weeks. He has to do it both quickly and effectively if he is to have any shot of his entire first term not being lost to economic ruin or international violence, and maybe most importantly, he only has two months left of anything that remotely resembles normal human life.  Now is the time to savor the last vestiges of normalcy before the Future, and thus the Presidency, arrives.

Nonetheless, the potential appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State raises sharper questions than administrative wonks.  I didn’t know what to think about this at first– I like Obama’s stated desire to build a ‘team of rivals’ cabinet, but is embracing Clinton just selling out his values from the primary?  Would appointing Clinton to such a prominent post doom an Obama administration to unhealthy psychodrama and vicious politics?

Actually, probably not.  Andrew Sullivan reflects on his growing support for the idea based on Ambers’ breakdown of the angles,and Popular Nerd Chuck Todd further analyzes the political deftness being applied by the Obama team.  For him, she would be neutralized. She couldn’t be a voice of dissent in the Senate or on domestic policy, and Bill Clinton’s overseas popularity becomes a stronger asset.  For her, Obama has proved he respects her and is taking her seriously to offset any bad feelings from the veepstakes, and for giving up her Senate seat she cements her foreign affairs resume, maybe even helping her chances for a late run in 2016?  Potential wins for everybody.

So let’s all give Barack some time to relax and recharge his soul-batteries.  If his transition staff is giving you agita, just remember that we did vote for the Democrats, yes?  The fact that Democrats are now taking charge should not suddenly come as a surprise to anyone.

So Rahm tells me Bill deals weed?

"So Rahm tells me Bill deals weed?"


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