Keifer Sutherland Has a TV Show?

Hey, did you guys hear about this show 24? You know Keifer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland’s kid? He was in Stand By Me and The Lost Boys?  Apparently he’s in it. Yeah, he plays some kind of spy.


Spinoff Idea: 36-24-36

Back in the Middle Ages when this show was last on TV, it got really REALLY shitty, and when the seventh season hit production delays and the writer’s strike postponed it even further, I wrote it off as doomed, destined to fade from pop-culture consciousness only to surface for a last desperate grasp at relevance before resigning itself to its own mortality.

Well that last desperate grasp has finally arrived, and in retrospect I should admit that the year-and-a-half absence was probably a huge benefit to the show. For the first time ever, the entire season has been plotted out in advance.  The bad taste of season six has faded from memory.  And now that we’ve elected Real David Palmer, there is the question of how the show works (or doesn’t) in a post-Bush political atmosphere. For example, you know Barack Obama is moving into the White House when the plot of Sunday’s 24 ‘prologue movie’ has Jack Bauer working as a teacher in Africa who must save a bunch of impoverished African schoolchildren.

I might just watch this 24: Redemption program (how meta is that title, btw) but I’m not sure about actually watching the show.  I’ve been burned before.  Even if I don’t end up tuning in, I wish the show well. If ever there was a series that demanded to go out with a bang and not a whimper, it was this over-the-top symphony of ticking clocks and explosions.  Godspeed Jack Bauer. Godspeed.


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