Yay We’re Saved

Well the holiday weekend is over, and now is the time to remember things like where I work, and how to get there.  But before I tap back into that Protestant work ethic, let’s talk about some random links that’ve been collecting dust in my Google reader.

Why would you trap a plant inside a light bulb?  Not smart.

Why would you trap a plant inside a light bulb? Not smart.

In a refreshing change of pace, last week I kept stumbling onto articles about all this technology we’ve invented to save us from our certain over-industrialized doom.  Behold the world of tomorrow:

— Live in an economically exploited warzone with little to no potable water?  Just make some out of thin air. I think this is basically a reverse humidifier, which it turns out is way more useful.

— Utah has a new no-emissions geothermal plant that took six months to build and will soon power 1/3rd of the state. More use of geothermal could power all of Utah.   Meanwhile, Los Angeles is doing some thing with a lot of solar panels that will produce, uh, 10% of the city’s electricity by, er, 2020.   Why is Mormonland up in California’s business all of a sudden?  Funding Prop 8, going greener faster… relax, Utah.

— It’s all gonna be moot anyway because some other water-related miracle device is going to power the entire world forever. Forever, or until we discover its unintended life-threatening consequences and leave our children a world permanently altered by mankind’s hubristic meddling, just like our forefathers.

–The oldest known bag of pot was recently discovered in a tomb in China dating back three millenia.  This has nothing to do with clean energy, but did I mention that the mummy in this Chinese tomb from 3000 years ago had blonde hair and blue eyes?! Were the Vikings secretly hippies? I smell an episode of History’s Mysteries.


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