Chronicles of Badassery

–So Cracked threw up a list of 7 people who were nigh-on-impossible to kill. Rasputin is obviously #1, and you know that story already, but did you know that Trotsky wrestled his assassin to the ground AFTER being axed in the back of the skull?  For other crazy shit like that, check out the full list.

–Courtesy of your friend and mine, Andrew Worshill, comes this video from Current in which some dudes jump off the world’s tallest building for fun. Let’s all go do this, what are you up to Saturday?

–Even I’m tired of political blogging, but if we’re chronicling badassery, I should make mention of our new President Badass. Specifically, Obama’s national security team is full of basketball players.  Using the power of Logic, I thus conclude that international politics for the next four years will follow the plot of Space Jam:


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