Hangin’ with Mr. Hitchens

Okay, maybe one more political post.  This clip of ole Hitch (that’s Christopher Hitchens to the less nerdy) is making the rounds of some blogs ‘n stuff:

Two things.

1) Hitch is wrong. Obama can trust Hillary, because frankly I think she likes Obama more than her husband.  Over the years, Big Willy Clinton has accumulated a pretty impressive record of publicly embarassing and/or insulting his wife’s dignity.  Since leaving the White House, Bill has mostly jetted around the world giving speeches to the filthy rich and boning Ashley Dupre wannabes while Hillary toils away in the swamplands of DC as a junior senator with no major chairmanships. It was all going to be worth it when Hill became the first president with ladyparts, but that plan died a slooooow and painful death during the spring.  But NOW, thanks to Barry Obama, Hillary Clinton will be jetting around the world giving speeches to the filthy powerful and boning up on her campaigning skills for 2016, her best last shot at the Big Desk and one she can only achieve if the Obama administration, of which she is a highly visible member, kicks some ass. Everyone’s interests are aligned.  Hitch’s counter-argument would no doubt be a drunken “QUEEN OF THE HARPIES!”

2) Christopher Hitchens is an old, puffy Brit who is over-educated, sauced and very sarcastic at all times. True or False: this makes him the perfect guest for your next holiday party.


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