808s and Tom Waits

I have yet to hear 808s and Heartbreak in its entirety or proper order, but I for one don’t mind all of the vocoding.  Kanye isn’t trying to duel Andrea Bocelli or anything, look at his sunglasses! He’s releasing pop music, in this case about feeling cold and dead inside. The electric affect of autotuning is a little cold and dead.  Thematic resonance and whatnot, right? Sure. If you’re looking for a better review by somebody who has actually listened to the album, this guy over at the Daily Beast gets all sloppy on Ye and deeclares 808s the heir to Marvin Gaye’s Here, My Dear. Check it out.

Anyway the real reason for this post is the video for “Heartless.” It’s rotoscoped, the form of animating live-action you might remember from such films as Waking Life and Ralph Bakshi’s ’70s version of Lord of the Rings.  But based on their shared subject of lost love, the clear inspiration for “Heartless” is the Oscar-winning, very-first-music-video-ever, made by Tom Waits in 1979 for the song “The One That Got Away.”

Tom was ahead of his time and since I don’t see Hype Willliams giving him proper credit, it falls to me. EMBEDATHON:

Kanye’s video for “Heartless”. Compare this with the next one.

UPDATE: Can now only link to it because Universal Music Group sucks.

Tom Waits’ video for “The One That Got Away” (the video is titled Tom Waits For No One)

More rotoscoped clips after the jump.

Waking Life, ‘Language’ clip

Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings, skip past the credits for Gandalf v. the Balrog

Okay I should go find something job-related to do now. Here’s a rotoscoping tutorial for animation fans and/or geeky kids who want to make lightsaber videos.


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