Breaking News: Humanity Emasculated

If you ever needed a reason to become a radical environmentalist, Science officially announced today that chemical pollution is mutating all vertebrate males into girls. And that’s just the tip of the… iceberg.

Your New Reading Assignment

Your New Reading Assignment

Okay so this article is pretty much the most horrifying thing I have ever read. There are poorly regulated chemicals in your food, in your food’s wrapping, in the flame retardants in your furniture and electronics, many of which act as “endochrine disrupters,” or gender-benders. Males of all species are being “feminized,” with effects such as:

–Birth rates abnormally skewed against Y chromosomes

–Higher incidences of hermaphroditic fish, polar bears, deer, and so forth.

–Average penis length shrinking, lower sperm counts and increased infertility, more undescended testicles, etc.

The researchers estimate that in the US and Japan alone, the number of baby girls chemically inhibited from boyhood during pregnancy is about 250,000. And in probably the most ironic piece of the puzzle, the female hormones from birth control pills, “which pass unaltered through sewage treatment,” are a contributing factor to male infertility in all sorts of animals.

You know, as far as consequences of industrialization go, catastrophic climate change suddenly seems near reasonable. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go build a house with my bare hands while smoking a cigar and firing several guns.


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