All in the Game Yo

Holy shit is the Governor of Illinois corrupt.  We are talking utterly and transparently, straight-up offering to sell Obama’s vacant Senate seat, corrupt (lest you think this reflects badly on Barry, rest assured that Governor Blagojevich thinks Prezbama is a ‘motherfucker‘ for declining the Gov’s offer to be bribed).

Really the part I find most interesting from this news is that the federal prosecutor who brought him down is Patrick Fitzgerald, the same guy who investigated the White House CIA Leak and got Scooter Libby convicted (until he was pardoned).  This guy is the closest thing we have to a celebrity federal prosecutor and he is a Bad. Ass.  He should have a TV show about targeting the supervillianous corruption in executive branches all over America. It would be awesome.

Speaking of which, I like to imagine that the governor’s arrest went exactly like this:


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