The Possibilities are Endless

So for his very first Presidential gift, Barack Obama will be receiving a crystal bowl engraved with an image of the White House and cherry trees.

This is the sort of bowl that one would normally put on display, perhaps in a hutch, and then never use, which is dumb. Think of all the money and labor spent crafting this thing. All those resources and efforts could’ve gone to some humanitarian venture.

Clearly the only moral thing to do is use the fuck out of this bowl. Joe Biden is getting one too, by the way. So what should our nation’s leaders do with these things? The options are nearly endless. It holds the beer nuts for the big game. Eat ice cream out of it. A nice breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios, perhaps.

Yes. Every morning, Obama should scarf a complete breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios out of his ceremonial crystal bowl, while being briefed by his cabinet. Extra points for spilling milk on the Oval Office desk.

Joe BIden takes up snuff, and uses this as a spittoon.

OR: Joe BIden takes up snuff, and uses this as a spittoon.


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