Chronicles of Pop Culture Crossover

Various bits of exciting news that are in no way related to the collapse of global order or other unpleasant Important Things. Go!

Ramona Flowers: Dream Girl

1)  Like I said before, find the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and read that shit.  They are great.  And they are being made into a movie by Edgar “Shaun of the Dead” Wright, starring Michael Cera*.  I bring it up because I’ve recently learned that Kieran “I work for less than my brother’s Home Alone residuals check but the movies I make are actually good” Culkin will play Wallace Wells, Scott Pilgrim’s gay roommate.  You don’t care because you don’t know what I’m talking about? Well the 5th and penultimate book in the series streets on February 4th, so get off your lazy ass and do this with your life.

*Why is Michael Cera reportedly hesitant to do an Arrested Development movie?  I understand he’s very reflective, and maybe he thinks this would be a step backward in his career, but we all know that’s not true. If anything, it’d give him a dose of fanbase buzz to counteract the “Why does he always play a hipster Woody Allen?” backlash.

Stringer Bell: Ghetto Genius

2) Brace yourselves. Idris Elba, a.k.a. Stringer Bell on The Wire, will have a recurring role on The Office as some sort of  foil/nemesis for Michael Scott.  I don’t even know where to begin. Firstly, ten kinds of Yes.  Secondly, are some Wire alums working in The Office casting department or do they just have good taste there? Thirdly, when he’s on the show, I will imagine that he is, in fact, playing Stringer Bell, who has finally escaped the game only to find himself working at a mid-sized regional paper company.  Fourthly, from the description in the Variety article, it seems like String’s part will be akin to the UK Office character Neal.  The US Office had a Neal-esque character once before, Jim’s boss in Stamford, played by Chip Estein, but he never ran a Baltimore-wide drug cartel, so who cares? It’s also worth noting that in the UK series, competent and dashing Neal eventually fired David Brent. Will we see Stringer Bell relieving Michael Scott of his job at the end of Season 5? If so, I want full credit for my deductive reasoning and a position in the writer’s room.

James T Kirk: Space Pimp

3) Internet junk food, anyone? Remember Nick at Nite Block Party Summers?  Each night of the week would have a different marathon of some show from the 40s-70s? I’ll be the first to admit that I should’ve had more to do as a pre-adolescent on a beautiful summer’s eve than watch old TV, but I can’t change that now and when I was 9, I always made sure to catch an episode or two of the original Star Trek each week.   CHUD, the site from whence the Scott Pilgrim news came, has an on-going feature these days where Devin Faraci will review every episode of the original ST before the JJ Abrams movie comes out this spring. Having not seen the show since the early ’90s, all I can really say is that these recaps are pretty funny. If you have a soft spot for nerds and work to avoid, check it out.

4) A month or two back I talked about 24 returning and how its extended absence left me marginally benevolent towards it, even though I thought the show was way past its expiration date last time it was on air.  I just want to officially note that I never got around to watching the pre-season movie or the season premiere, will probably never watch the show again, and cannot be bothered to care.  It’s too dumb.

This concludes our broadcast day.


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