Obama Shrugged

Turns out the unnervingly large amount of money the government will be spending in 2009 contains an unnervingly small amount of money for railroads.

For a variety of reasons, at least one of them genuinely relevant, this is terrible news. Creating a high-speed rail infrastructure would spur investment and renewal in the communities along the lines. It would also be highly energy efficient.   This is part of a broader argument about what America’s infrastructure and transportation policy should be, but Matt Yglesias is an actual expert-type person on this subject and blogs it semi-regularly, so just read that if this is interesting enough that you haven’t Googled off to a less boring subject already.

Anyway Joe Biden is known as a big rail advocate, so Hopefully the lack of train funding will Change between here and Obama’s signature on the final bill. Or someone invents Rearden metal.


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