Old Man Refuses Pills, and Other News

Hold me Chris, Im scared.

"Hold me Chris, I'm scared."

–John McCain was recently seen wandering around his Senate office in a bathrobe, mumbling his support for Republicans complaining about the stimulus package.  His beef is that the package should be composed mostly of tax cuts (Obama pre-emptively added tax cuts to the package to appeal to the GOP; they want more).  Minority Leader Boner’s problem is he doesn’t want a “Christmas tree” package full of pork for Democratic lobbies.  This is a legitimate concern, but the Grand Old Party is so ideologically bankrupt at this point that I expect self-discipline from the Obama Administration more than I expect effective proposals from the Republicans.  Sorry Boney.

–I ALSO DRINK CHAMPAGNE FOR BREAKFAST.  For more insider baseball examples of Republicans (and John McCain specifically) abdicating leadership, read at least this part of Jeffrey Toobin’s great profile of Barney Frank in the current issue of the New Yorker. That’s right, I’m dropping 9-page New Yorker articles now. Pretentious? Maybe. Worth it? Hell yes. First of all, it’s about the initial bailout talks in September when J.Mac suspended his campaign and Hank Paulson was running through the streets of Washington on horseback screaming that the sky was falling. As many an op-ed writer noted at the time, it reads exactly like Atlas Shrugged, which I’m reading right now.  Okay, that one was pretentious.

Were better than other people.  Yes. Yes we are.

"We're better than other people." "Yes. Yes we are."

–FUN WITH CROSSOVERS.  I was listening to some podcast or another the other day and one guy says to the other guy that apparently the casting directors at The Office do, in fact, just watch The Wire and say, “All right, so let’s just hire these people? Cool.”  Not to be outdone, 30 Rock is doing a bit with Mad Men‘s Don Draper as a recurring love interest for Liz during February sweeps.  All other TV comedies give up trying, except for the cast of Always Sunny, which is probably planning a road trip to Scranton to create a bomb threat at Dunder-Mifflin.  By the way, that episode should definitely happen.

–TRAGEDY IN THE ROUND.  I found out in Variety of all places that the North Shore Theater in Beverly, MA is in danger of closing.  This stage-in-the-round was the site of so many field trips during my childhood and adolescence, and a very cool performance space.  If it shuts down it would be a real tragedy for the whole area, and you know how much I love Massachusetts.  I saw Peter and the Wolf there when I was like 7, and I saw Macbeth and Hamlet there in middle school. Do you know what the last acts of Macbeth and Hamlet look like in the round?  It’s like a medieval Tarantino movie in 3D!  Won’t somebody please think of the children?


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