I Almost Feel Like a Real Blogger

Ive been working out.

Oh this? Yeah you know, I've been working out.

Yesterday, a blogger I don’t know left a substantive comment on my post about Atlas Shrugged & Global Warming. The fellow is a Rand fan and philosophy blogger whom I will add to the blogroll shortly.  He totally called me out for lacking a coherent point, which was true, and laid down some thoughts on climate change sure to agitate any liberal readers.  Anyway, perusing his blog, I saw this post he put up about Atlas Shrugged & the current economic crisis, in which he excerpts a WSJ editorial, “Ayn Rand: Fact to Fiction in 52 Years.”

After finishing the book, I read the same Wall Street Journal piece, as well as a negative National Review review from 1957.  I was definitely cribbing from the negative National Review take on the book when I wrote my first post about it, but having my coherence challenged and re-reading the WSJ article has got me re-checking my premises. Without making this post an in-depth thing, I’ll just point out that Whitakker Chambers’  negative review takes Rand’s rigid rationalism as offputtingly authoritarian, and while I appreciate a number of his criticisms, to say Rand has any authoritarian impulse is a completely inaccurate reading of the text as all of the heroes steadfastly avoid any sort of dictatorial power and make no attempt to control other people.

Anyway, more Big Fat Serious Posts coming your way later this week, but enough heavy stuff for today. Who likes kittydogs?


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