30 Rock, “St. Valentine’s Day”

Last week I was lamenting the lack of good B-plots and throw-away dialogue for the supporting cast.  This week Kenneth got his first good plot this season– don’t come at me defending the Hill Witch, there he was just the set-up for an obvious and unfunny punchline. Grizz & DotCom knew it, we knew it, and the writers knew it.

Sure, you could point out that this story was really “Tracy plays Cyrano” and not “Kenneth gets a love interest,” that the only other supporting character who made an appearance was Jenna, and that Tracy & Jenna have received every single B-plot this year, leaving the writer’s room and Cerie with smaller cameos than Dr. Spaceman.  You COULD point out all of that. But as always, the Jack & Liz A-plots were top shelf, and all I’m saying is I liked the B-plot too, even if it does fall into a pattern that I would like to see the writers mix up a little more. So Kenneth didn’t really get a  plotline after all. So he didn’t even really say anything. The fact that blindness is an enormous turn-on for Kenneth is hilarious, dammit. And the line “My instincts have never steered me wrong, except about staring into that eclipse” is the sort of dialogue you would get from a Golden Era Simpsons episode.  Yes, you could point out a lot of things, if it wasn’t the funniest show on television just the way it is.

Here’s the haiku review:

Jack wants Latin Heat,

Liz wants floppy-hair Draper,

I want that dessert.


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