The Office, “Lecture Circuit part 2”

The Office has done some great bits where Jim has caught himself behaving like Michael– most notably the first time he’s left in charge of the office, when Phyllis calls him Michael by accident.  Tonight was Pam’s turn, but by her own choice.

The funniest part of the lecture circuit plotline was when Pam followed Michael’s ecstatically awkward meltdown by reading a variation of Michael’s lines from last week’s presentation.  In general I think they have a fun dynamic because of how much Pam has grown to enjoy enabling Michael’s childish behavior. The fact that she would finish the lecture instead of calling it a day really speaks to how much fun she has letting him rub off on her (that’s what she said!)

On the office side of The Office, I thought Angela licking her cats and coughing up a hairball rated “meh” at best as a punchline, but many of the throw-away supporting lines in that subplot were gold– Creed as always (“$7000? I could get you a kid for that much.”), and I thought Meredith’s lines were stronger than usual.  They could also mine more good material from Jim & Dwight throwing parties– at least an episode where we see Michael’s reaction to their kind of theme party. After all those pranks, Jon Krasinski & Rainn Wilson have developed such a comfortable comic volley that I dig any excuse for them to spend screentime playing off each other.

In conclusion, haiku review:

Halpert and Schrute, like

Laurel and Hardy, Kenan

and Kel. Pam’s funny.


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