California Gets Back in the Game

Well what do you know– yesterday I write a post about the odds of legalizing weed, and today California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduces a legalization bill in the state legislature: the system works!

That’s right, Ammiano proposes lifting all bans and penalties on the growing, buying, selling, trafficking, possessing, and smoking of marijuana, THC compounds, and assorted paraphernalia for all adults 21+; prohibiting state and local officials from enforcing the federal marijuana laws; and then, taxing $50 on every ounce sold and earning up to a billion dollars for the state, all the better to avoid budget deficits (which states really actually have to avoid because they can’t engage in deficit spending like the feds).

Now ever since the election, California has really been falling behind in the “Coolest State” department, which is a serious bummer for me because I just moved here.  In November, Massachusetts, my home state and The Goddamn Cradle of the Revolution, passed Prop 2 and decriminalized weed, narrowing Cali’s lead in the drug policy department. Meanwhile, California was banning gay marriage, whereas the Massholes shot down their version of Prop 8 years ago and have been happily hitchin’ homos ever since. On top of all this, a bunch of the Bay State’s Archie Bunker-esque Irish cops and their handlebar mustaches got their panties in a bunch about Prop 2 and decided not to even bother writing any of these dope fiends tickets if they couldn’t arrest them for it.  But if California legalizes weed in direct contravention of federal law… that is worth a lot of awesome points.

Now I know jack about Assemblyman Ammiano and California politics in general, but obviously the man called a press conference so he’s looking to make a splash with as bold a policy proposal as possible in the hope that this will raise issue awareness and stir up support for the cause, even if the only real goal is more moderate reforms. I’m highly skeptical that this will amount to much more than Dennis Kucinich introducing impeachment articles on the Capitol steps, but I’m highly hopeful that I’m wrong.  Adverb puns not intended.


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