Tuesday: A Day That Some Stuff Happened

Random roundup:

* My real-time media experience of Prezbama’s not-technically-called-the-State-of-the-Union address to Congress will be via whatever people are twittering tonight, because I’ll be at a bar for a friend’s birthday.  These circumstances make it simultaneously easier and harder to play the first official Obama SOTU drinking game, but for anybody planning on listening to depressing news and incomprehensible policy talk later, remember that the Great Depression led to the end of Prohibition, so you better get those bottoms up.

* New Jersey Senate votes today on a medical marijuana bill. Senators are shocked (Shocked!) at the level of positive feedback from constituents, presumably all of whom are dirty hippies.  I really didn’t mean to do so much blogging about drugs the past few days, by the way, but I guess everybody else realized that Great Depressions lead to the end of Prohibitions too.  That said I don’t know how the vote turned out.

*Thankfully there will be TV blogging to do later in the week to offset all the pot politics, and on the subject of modern media I want to point out that SAG balked at the producers’ final offer (no strike vote planned though), and fewer pilots are being made and picked up because of the economy (which makes two years in a row because of the damage done by the writers’ strike).  Studios and networks are in a tizzy as they slowly come to realize they are the entertainment-media equivalent of AIG and Citibank. Meanwhile, one blogger is very thankful to be working for the internet and not the bigger screens.

*Finally, this is the 200th post to the site, an entirely meaningless milestone but when I’ll mention nonetheless.  Of course if you can still count the number of posts you’ve written, you aren’t a real blogger, so as an amateur I’m gonna call it a day and get back to my real job.


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